Client: Discovery & Samsung

Locantion: iCeeFest ( Tech Festival, Bucharest, Romania


The aim of this project was to create an “wow” exibition stand in a technology event. We had to mix the boldness of Discover Channel and new cutting edge 360 camera and VR glasses from Samsung. 


We creted a phigital stand by combining digital tehnologies with phisical elements.

By using a 360 camera form Samsung we are able to caputre our own parachute jump  form an profesional airfiled near Bucharest. WE embeded  the video in a Discovery custom made VR app produced specific for Samsung Gear VR.

We designed a stand with a pulley and aprofesional air fan for an immersive experince.

Users ware pulled into the air and tey could experince almoust real Parachute Jump in Virtual Reality.

The Discovery X Samsung stand was the main atraction of the event and was coverd by all media.

Concept we created was so popular, so we recreated the experince at two majore Music Festivals : Neversea and Untold!

For more information about the project, our custom filming solutions, our Virtual  Reality solutions, or just ideas of how we can help you with your own event stand and event immersive technologies, then please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help find a solution for you.