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Creative Technology Concepts

DeepFake tehnology foar Advertising

DeepFake technology can be utilized in the field of advertising to create highly controlled marketing campaigns.
With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can seamlessly integrate users into any advertisement, crafting personalized and engaging content.
Our AI-driven solutions enable the generation of tailored advertisements for each individual participant in the campaign.
Video taken from “Asta seara Dansam in Familie (1972) directed by Geo Saizescu. Main Character: Dem Radulescu

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3D TV Advertisements

You don’t need anything special, just well-crafted digital content.

We can provide consultation and production services for the first 3D TV advertising campaign 

3D content can be viewed on any screen and requires a seamless blend of digital and cinematic elements.

Holographic Presence

Holograms have become a commonplace spectacle at events. Virtual presence can seamlessly transform into reality through cutting-edge technology.

We possess the capability to create captivating holographic presentations on stage or at events.

Whether it’s reproducing or resurrecting iconic personalities or celebrities, our technology is perfectly suited for every environment.

 GPS-Activated Augmented Reality

GPS-activated 3D animated content is an emerging trend in advertising.

Digital 3D content can adapt to the surrounding buildings and create unique content tailored for social media.

This interactive content can be triggered using a mobile device through a web link or dedicated applications (including our own or SNAPCHAT).


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